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About Our Company

Linden Clinics is a healthcare company based in Istanbul, Turkey. It aims to provide expert and holistic care to anyone in need of healing.

Its aim is to capitalize on world-class healthcare experiences and provide the most advanced services to its patients. The Board of Directors of Linden Clinics has several healthcare projects in the pipeline since 2010, including the establishment of new hospitals in the Middle East, USA and Eastern and Central Europe.

Linden Clinics' most sensitive value is the patient's need and prioritizes it.

Linden Clinics' mission is to heal patients through integrated clinical practice. Linden Clinics offers its patients the best service in Turkey. It initiates the treatment process of patients while they are in their home country. It continues their follow-up in a disciplined manner after they return home. Empathy is a critical word at Linden Clinics. It is important to share the same experience with the patient rather than just curing them. The goal is for the healthcare professional to be the patient's relative instead of dictating information.

Linden Clinics' long-term vision is to connect and treat all people in need of care around the world and, over time, to become a global authority. It aims to free the traditional healthcare system from a structure that - due to limitations set by funding - restricts people's access to high quality healthcare.

Linden Clinics offers weight loss surgeries, dental treatment, hair transplantation, IVF, stem cell therapy and eye surgeries in Istanbul, only in internationally accredited hospitals, with carefully selected and regularly evaluated contracted surgeons.

To date, Linden Clinics has served many patients from different parts of the world who prefer to receive the treatment they want in Turkey.

Linden Cilnis' motto is "World-class healthcare for all" and this is the basis for Linden Clinics' growth.

Linden Clinics' Priorities


Respect for our community is our priority. This broad community includes our patients, their families and colleagues.


We place utmost importance on confidentiality, trust, honesty, patient responsibility and professionalism. Our main goal is to gain the trust of our patients and provide excellent healthcare services.


Linden Clinics tries to understand the difficulties another person is experiencing and strives to alleviate their suffering. Whenever possible, it finds practical ways to be joyful and hopeful.


She empathizes with the patient and feels their pain. As a health professional, he/she becomes a partner to the patient, rather than just an informative figure. He steps into their pain together with them.

It provides the best care by adopting a sensitive and empathetic approach to patients and family members.


Inspires with hope. Promotes the well-being of the individual, respecting physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


They combine the special skills of their teammates in a harmonious collaboration, valuing everyone's contribution.


Each individual feels that he or she belongs to a large and respected organization, and the organization becomes a space surrounded by central goodness.


Through the ideas and unique talents of each employee, it improves the standards of those it serves, inspiring and energizing the organization.


It sustains its mission and generates value by managing its resources wisely.

In line with its motto and mission, Linden Clinics is driven by a strong commitment to its patients' best interests. This starts with the careful selection of doctors and regular performance evaluations, then extends to providing exceptional care to its patients, treating them almost like family members. Together with his extended family, he is responsible for the health of his patients.

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