Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey

Achieve long-term weight loss success with Gastric Bypass surgery in Turkey. Our highly skilled surgeons use the latest techniques to reroute your digestive system and encourage healthier eating habits. Benefit from a personalized treatment plan that focuses on your long-term health.


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    Gastric Bypass Surgery Turkey

    Gastric Bypass or Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass is a highly effective bariatric surgery that combines restriction and malabsorption techniques. Gastric Bypass limits food intake and reduces nutrient absorption by creating a small stomach pouch and rerouting the digestive tract. This dual approach leads to significant weight loss and can significantly improve obesity-related health conditions.
    Gastric Bypass is a surgical procedure that reduces the size of the stomach and reroutes the digestive system. Gastric Bypass limits food intake by creating a small pouch through the stomach and connecting it directly to the small intestine. It leads to significant weight loss by reducing calorie absorption.

    Who is a Good Candidate for Gastric Bypass?

    Good candidates for Gastric Bypass are individuals with severe obesity who have difficulty losing weight with conventional methods. Factors such as BMI, general health status, medical history and adherence to lifestyle changes are taken into account. A personalized consultation with our experienced medical team will help you assess your situation.

    How Much Does Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost?

    The cost of Gastric Bypass at Linden Clinic varies according to individual needs and complexity. We offer competitive pricing and flexible financing options. A detailed quote will be provided during your personalized consultation.

    Benefits of Stomach Bypass Treatment

    Gastric Bypass offers numerous benefits, including significant weight loss, improvement in obesity-related health conditions (such as diabetes and hypertension), increased energy levels and improved quality of life. It is a proven procedure with a long track record of successful outcomes.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The aim of sleeve gastrectomy, a fat loss surgery in Turkey, is to reduce the food capacity of the stomach and thus achieve satiety with less food intake; this change in eating habits provides bariatric patients with fast and effective weight loss.

    During surgery, the surgeon makes small incisions in the abdomen and uses specialized instruments, including a laparoscope (a thin, flexible tube with a camera) to access the stomach. The outer part of the stomach is then carefully removed, preserving the natural opening of the stomach known as the pylorus. The remaining part of the stomach is reshaped into a long, narrow tube that resembles the shape of an arm or banana. With the smaller stomach pouch, patients feel full much faster than before surgery. This early satiety helps control food intake, leading to reduced calorie consumption. After the procedure, there may be changes in ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger, leading to a reduced feeling of hunger and an increased feeling of fullness.

    The amount of weight lost by patients after gastric sleeve surgery varies depending on the individual situation of the patients; however, generally, patients who undergo obesity surgery lose 75-80% of their excess weight after weight loss operation.

    Gastric sleeve bariatric surgery is performed by removing 80-85% of the stomach; the reduced size of the stomach changes eating habits and leads to effective weight loss.

    The outer part of the stomach is carefully cut away, leaving behind a smaller, tubular stomach pouch. The remaining edges of the stomach are stapled and closed to form the sheath-shaped pouch. The staples ensure that the newly formed stomach pouch stays in place and heals properly. This helps to maintain normal digestion and nutrient absorption. Once the procedure is complete, the surgeon carefully closes the incisions with sutures or surgical glue.

    Gastric sleeve surgery is performed under general anesthesia; patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during the weight loss procedure by bariatric surgery centers. Patients may feel some discomfort after gastric sleeve surgery, but this is very mild and disappears within a few days.

    Gastric sleeve offers patients painless bariatric surgery with rapid weight loss; it is a very safe weight loss procedure with very effective results. It can also treat obesity-related diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure.

    Patients are advised to wait at least 12 months to get pregnant after gastric sleeve surgery.

    For the safety of the recovery process, patients stay in the hospital for 3 nights; after discharge, they are recommended to rest for another 3-4 days. Following bariatric surgery in Turkey, a break of approximately one week is recommended.

    It is not recommended to drink coffee after gastric sleeve surgery; patients are usually advised to wait at least one month after surgery to drink coffee. However, your surgeon should be consulted to find out the best time to drink coffee after bariatric surgery.

    Patients can stand up and walk on the day of gastric sleeve surgery.

    Gastric sleeve offers patients very safe and effective medical weight loss procedures; the results are life-changing and the side effects are minimal compared to many other surgical procedures.

    Patients undergoing bariatric surgery lose around 10-20 kg on average with gastric botox; however, with a strong and consistent diet and exercises, this amount can increase up to 30 kg.

    Gastric botox has no serious side effects; some patients may experience nausea, but this is usually very mild and lasts only one to two days after the weight loss procedure.

    The procedure itself takes only 10-15 minutes; the effects of gastric botox last for about 6 months. If needed, the procedure can be repeated after 6 months.

    Gastric Botox requires effort from patients to ensure effective weight loss results; patients should follow a proper nutrition plan and exercise regularly to achieve maximum weight loss with the treatment.

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