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Improvements in autistic children that can be expected after stem cell therapy

-> Cognitive improvements

-> Better memory, eye contact, learning capacity and verbal skills

-> Better behavior, assiduity and patience

-> Psychological confidence and social adaptation improvement (making the world around your child not cause negative emotions).

-> Improvement in self-care skills

-> Improvement in gastrointestinal functioning (better digestion)

-> Boosting of the immune system

Autism Fetal Stem Cell Treatment at EmCell

There are four disorders/conditions, that come within the definition of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), that we have experience with at EmCell:

-> Autism

-> Asperger’s syndrome

-> Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

-> Childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD), and pervasive developmental disorders (PDD)

We have designed an effective and safe method of treatment that can help children with autism to develop and progress better. This is based on the unique ability of fetal stem cells to restore damaged cells and tissues, activate brain functioning which influences improvement of cognitive abilities, behavior and social skills, as well as immune system boosting.

Fetal stem cell treatment creates the opportunity for a child’s brain to better regulate memory, concentration, attention and speech.


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About treatment

A primary goal of fetal stem cell therapy is to further the child’s brain development to help prepare for an adult and independent life by developing the skills they will require the most: communication, self-care, learning and professional skills.

Our fetal stem cell therapy improves the blood and oxygen flow to the brain, called “improved perfusion,” better replacement of damaged or sleeping neurons, and faster formation of new neuronal connections between neuron and muscles, which is reflected through fine and gross motor skills, increasing learning ability and self-care.

EmCell’s treatment course also includes Hyperbaric oxygenation sessions (HBO) to improve the efficiency of oxygen transport and stem cells delivery to all organs and tissues.

Our treatment is safe and minimally invasive; we have extensive experience with treating children with autism, and we make sure their experience is a pleasant one.

All our autism patients have noticed improvements in varying degrees after fetal stem cell treatment. The level of these improvements depends on the gravity of their condition well as recommended follow-up intensive developmental therapeutic activities done after the treatment.

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