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Our qualified doctors serve our patients in comprehensive areas by using quality medical devices and modern technological solutions.

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Frequently Ask Questions?

This varies depending on the person and the operation, however, usually it takes 4-7 days a person can return to his normal life.
Although the rate of weight loss may vary depending on the age and metabolic rate of the person, the patient loses weight rapidly in the first 3-4 months of the operation.
You will be asked to share with our doctor all the operations you have had before, because our surgeon will need to have all the information about your medical history.
However, generally such surgeries as appendist, cesarean section, closed operations, surgeries outside the abdominal region, etc. are not obstacles for weight loss surgeries.
Yes. In the post-operation period, when you leave the hospital and go to home, our doctor, dietitian, coordinator, and secretary will be in contact with you 7/24.
Most patients have some pain after surgery. However, most of our patients felt that pain was not a major issue during their recovery.
After the laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries, we encourage patients to walk. The key is to start slow and listen to your body. If you lift weights or do sports, stay “low impact” for the first month (avoid competition, think participation). If you experience pain or discomfort, stop, and relax. Avoid lifting heavy objects for the first 6 weeks. If you swim, your wounds need to be healed over before you get back in the water and always swim slowly at the beginning.
You will need to take a multivitamin for life. You may need higher doses of certain vitamins or minerals, especially Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin D. You will also need to have at least yearly lab checks. Insurance almost never pays for vitamin and mineral supplements but usually does pay for labs.

Our priority is the health of our patients and their satisfaction.

Our qualified doctors serve our patients in comprehensive areas by using quality medical devices and modern technological solutions.

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